Sunday, June 13, 2010

Heart To Heart

Our pastor had a heart transplant on Mother's Day. He healed so rapidly and has had no rejections! The hospital released him last Monday so he and wife high-tailed it home the next day. For today, we had planned a big welcome for them at the church. I took my new digital video camera and recorded some of the event.

Please excuse the poor picture quality at the start. I'm still new at this. :)

Pastor said his first sermon since the surgery will be the 3rd Sunday in July. We can't wait!

This is such a blessing for the recipent, of course, and such a tragedy too. We've been praying for the donor's family, that they be comforted and know the peace of believing in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Thank you all for your prayers too.

I hope y'all have a blessed Sunday! :)


Anonymous said...

My eyes filled with tears when he opened that door. Our prayers have been answered. As you say, it's another's tragedy and we will pray for that family too. What a blessed day in your church family. Thank you for sharing the video - words just could not have had the same effect.

The Texican said...

I could hear your happy laugh Pam. I also saw Steve before I heard him. No one is safe from your camera now. I know you are both pleased. Maybe we'll see your work posted on the National news soon. We're not heading East this summer. Too many commitments to the West. Maybe next Summer, or perhaps on a break in the Fall. Pappy

Marydon said...

Pam, sweet friend, this is marvelous, miraculous ... prayers for the family & the soul that gave ... bless your minister's heart ... deep appreciation for medical innovations to help us all.

Happy Father's Day to your hubs.
TTFN ~ Marydon