Monday, May 17, 2010

Long In The Tooth


"I'm three, Mom! You know that ..."

Again, more silence from me in the blogging world, 'ey? I'm mostly posting at my new political blog, Reluctant Patriot. There is much wickedness coming from the Left. But after watching the polls and seeing how others are voting, I have high hopes that the satanic drug of Socialism is being defeated in many venues. It's a very powerful narcotic, this Socialism. The purveyors of the drug are being ousted right and left, including those in the so-called church (liberal churches to be sure). This brings me great joy. These are VERY exciting times as we witness history being made first hand. For those of us who believe in Jesus Christ, we know that all individuals have the right to succeed or fail on their own merit. Never trust a government. Never. That's why we have laws and rules clearly set out by the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights and other important documents to keep the evil of men in check.

But back to about me. I mean, that's why you're here ... right? It's all about ME. [giggle] Otherwise, you'd be over at the Reluctant Patriot reading my political views. Heaven only knows why anyone would be interested in me, but I am forevermore grateful that there are those who do. [hugs]

For the uninitiated, this is "Sparky Birth week". That's right! I own the whole week! [ha ha] As I turn older, it's another notch in my belt (going the wrong way, I note), another wrinkle in my face, another age spot on my hands, another mysterious ache in my hip. [groan] But I will be of good cheer! Because it's also another year to have fun and to witness for Christ so that others may know eternal salvation too. Another year to be kind to others who so desperately need a kindness. Another year to ... what?> Well, whatever God wants me to do or my motorcycle takes me.

As you can now tell, I *love* birthdays! I cherish every single one of them. So what if I'm rapidly approaching 55!? Hey, it beats the alternative except that "it would be far better for me" to be with Christ than to be 'here'. But, I like being 'here'. Even with all the crap I've endured, or will have to endure, I think life is grand and well worth living. I hope I can show others that enthusiasm for life too. A warm smile, a loving word, a gentle touch is much preferred over the unkindness or lack of concern one can receive from 'the world'. And I've suffered from my share of unkindness too, let me tell you.

My adopted father ... well, in a nutshell, he was cruel. A bitter, cruel, violently unstable man. When I accepted Christ into my life in my teens, my father threatened me with being disowned if I didn't deny Him. I got the impression that Dad hated God. He certainly hated different ethnic groups. He even hated ... me. I got called the "bastard child" way too many times. Nice, huh. Since I wouldn't deny Christ, Dad kept his threat and left the bulk of my inheritance to strangers and, what remained of that, I had to split with his housekeeper. No. I didn't contest the Will. I think that in itself is unhealthy for one's psyche. Even though my father was mentally unstable, all it would have done is be unsettling for all concerned. So, I let it go. One 'comfort' (for lack of a better word) is that we weren't blood related. If it was the wrong thing for Dad to do, let God pass eternal judgment. That's His job, mine is to give testimony to others for Him so that they too may be saved.

Thankfully, Christ has washed away the deep hurts and regrets with His precious, innocent blood. Only He can replace such emotional heartache with love, affection, and understanding. Every day, I try to be thankful to Him for the new life I have in Him. I quit looking for remedies in what the world could offer. It was the wisest choice I've ever made. There is 'joy unspeakable' waiting for those who will heed His call.

So, on Thursday buy a cupcake, put a candle on it and have a little something sweet and think of me. My hubby is taking me to a fancy schmancy restaurant! Living in the country as we do, this is indeed a Big Deal. Wow, food!! [grin] I hope to also see my half-brother from my birth-family that day.

Did I ever tell you the story of finding my birth-family? No? Well, it was in 1982 ... uh, the story of finding those people is long enough to be a novelette full of romance and intrigue. I documented the whole thing it was so involved. They have been scattered to the wind across America like sheaves of wheat on a threshing floor.

Another day, perhaps?

Thanks for stopping by! I try to always thank God for friends like YOU too! :)


Sue said...

Pam, I had no idea about your childhood...God bless you my friend. And I will say a little prayer for you come Thursday.


Love ya!

Devoted said...

You better believe I will be eating a birthday cupcake in your honor. Any reason is good enough for me.

Loved this post, Sparky... God is doing a good work in you, sista!

ChaChaneen said...

I lurve this sentence...
"let God pass eternal judgment. That's His job, mine is to give testimony to others for Him so that they too may be saved." Perfection!

How exciting, another birthday! Of course I will make homage to my favorite bakery haunt to enjoy cake with you birthday girl!

Tea Time With Melody said...

Happy Birthday Sparky!!!!! Oh, I'd love to read your novel about finding your birth family I can already tell that it is a best seller lol Hope you have a fantastic birthday and birthday week. I just had some mint chocolate cookie ice cream in your honor. :)

Marydon Ford said...

As a researcher who has found birth parents for adopted children I'd LOVE to hear your story.

I am so sorry you had to endure such a sad man ... his loss is your gain, bringing you a full loving heart & our Lord God to heal those wounds of childhood. How blessed you are now ...

Have a beautiful birthday, sweet friend.

May your Memorial weekend & celebrations be safe & enjoyable, filled merriment ... as you solemnly remember those that have passed before us & our military that protect(ed)s our freedoms. LET FREEDOM RING!!

TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

PS Have you visited Aunt Amelia's Attic blog ... if not, pop over.