Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Piece Of The Puzzle: Rowe's Carbon Footprint

One of my favorite things is when the new Forbes Magazine arrives. I really recommend a subscription to the magazine for anyone wanting to keep up with Who Owns What And How Are "They" Going To Screw Us Next.

I worked for many years for Fortune 500 companies and many small businesses. I always "knew" that the Big Guys at the top where either evil or incompetent (sometimes both are true). I enjoyed my job, though, in spite of the ineptness at the top. I always gave 100% with a cheerful attitude and was thankful for a paycheck. That said, since I have started reading Forbes and watching Fox News, I now have had many of my fears confirmed about how bad these people really are! There’s so much dirt on these people you could grow potatoes on their souls.

Case in point.

An article in this week's Forbes titled "The Carbon Windfall" by Jonathan Fahey (Jan. 18, 2010, pages 70-74) makes yet another connection between a big business, Comrade Zero, and our pocketbooks.

John W. Rowe [friend, buddy, co-whore of Comrade Zero], 64, is the chairman and chief executive officer of Exelon Corporation, a utility holding company headquartered in Chicago ... oh. Chicago, yet again. [gulp] Another evil entity out of the Windy City.

You can see where this is leading, I guess.

Exelon Corporation is one of the big noises behind, wait for it, Cap And Trade! [ding, ding, ding] They are perched on the precipice to make literally BILLIONS if this bill is passed. Billions of OUR money, I must add (as if I had to). We’ll lose all our freedoms and money, while they laugh all the way to the bank.

Just sharing the wealth ... of knowledge.


Norma said...

More hope and change, innit? Great blog. Don't you love this template source--it's such fun to change the wallpaper? Our blog names are so similar! I got here from Staci's.

The Texican said...

I'm going to research the opportunities to cash in on some of that easy government cash. Pappy

Sparky @ My Thoughts Exactly said...

@ Norma ~ Yeah, more dope and shame, as I always say. Thank you for the kind words. I'm forever changing my blog theme, it seems.

@ Pappy ~ I want a photo of you standing in line for a handout (like, that'll ever happen ... giggle). You're like me and hate to even ask for help on anything.

Thanks for visiting my blog today y'all! :)