Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Thoughts And A Humble Prayer Request

Jesus answered "I am the way, the truth and the Life.
No man comes unto the Father except by Me .." (John 14:6)

Our country is in a terrible quagmire. We have no strong, moral leadership. Our country is historically and spiritually in it's "feet of clay" (Daniel 2:31-32). True, it could get worse. Cap and Trade is essentially dead ... Praise the Lord Jesus for this mercy ... but if ObamaCare passes in any form, it will get worse.

I see only two possible scenerios if the hell inspired Health 'care' passes.

1) People accept it like sheep and live in the torments of hell they created. There is despair and gnashing of teeth for the lack of courage to 'change' events. The economy finally collapses with no hope of recovery.

~ or ~

2) People take up their arms, march on Washington and remove those in power that we have created ... forever. Either a new age of enlightenment begins or we degress even further into despair for not following the US Constitution. We must return to the teachings of the Constitution and God's Holy word.

Because "... a little leven levens the whole lump." (Galatians 5:9)

Our Senators are meeting all weekend with the Dear Leader (you know, the one that HATES AMERICA). Please y'all pray that these demon inspired bills that slithered up from the pits SHALL NOT PASS!

Our freedoms are a delicate, living thing. We can not squash them repeatedly without paying dire consequences.

Hope? Yes, there's always hope. As long as we breathe, there's always hope.

Real 'hope', not the Audicity of a Dope.

WITNESS for Jesus Christ that the lost may know the true meaning of 'care' and turn away from these false masters.

GIVE to our neighbors our love, our prayers, our warm and kindly thoughts.

PRAY without ceasing for our nation and our leaders.

This will bring about real 'change' that will please the Lord God and blessings will flow accordingly.


Wiregrass Steve said...

Hopefully the 2010 elections will mean the end of the political careers for most House liberals and 2012 we'll see the end of president zero's political career as well.

Anonymous said...

Well said, and you have to wonder what it's going to take for the majority of lethargic Americans to wake up and make a stand.

Edward G. Roberts said...

A-men! Clear 'em all out.

I say we push to make obama the Gen-Sec of the U.N.

1) We get him out of this country
2) He weakens UN as much as he's weakened US

1) Umm...