Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Call To Arms: Our Second Revolution Against Tyranny

I have many ancestors who fought in the 1st American Revolution for independence. Being an avid genealogist, I've taken the time to study many of the reasons why our brave ancestors fought the tyranny from across the big pond.

After watching the news again today, I believe it's time for those of us who know that the US Constitution is an UNFLAWED document and worthy of obedience, that we threaten disobedience to the current Federal government. It's time to DEFUND and DISOBEY any and all unconstitutional laws.

I hope y'all don't think I go around looking for things to protest because I don't. I have always obeyed the law as best I could but more than anything I enjoy being left alone. ObamaCare, Cap & Trade, the EPA, etc. is Fascism trying to take over all our lives. I am ready to draw a line in the sand and stand my ground. I pray other TeaPartiers will join me in this quiet, gentle civil disobedience.

There is a persuasive article by Atlas Shrugs today dealing with our dire situation:
The Second American Revolution: Defund and Disobey the Fascists

Pamela Geller expresses My Thoughts Exactly. :)


Edward G. Roberts said...

I'm all for disobedience. The only problem is I have little faith in the Republican Party after it takes the majority position. Too much 'business as usual' in the past. And the insurance money will surely be stolen directly from of our paychecks. The citizens aren't quite ready for 'action' so we must find something else between Tea Parties and physical evictions. Hmmm...

Sparky said...

I have no faith in the Republican party any more! That's for darn sure. We're gonna have to get business owners to take a stand too. There's just no other way around it, as far as 'shrugging' tax wise. That makes me nervous (I'm an accountant and NEVER would advocate anyone not paying taxes) but sometimes one must do what one must do to insure future freedoms.

blushing rose said...

Great post! Truth therein lies, you are so right ...

The Tea Parties are great & more of a movement is rising to create that 3rd party ... the party of WE THE PEOPLE! It is gaining great strength, my friend.

My ancestors were the only (2) hung for being Tory spies in the American Revolution ... chuckle!

TTFN ~Marydon

Fredd said...

Yeah, the Republican Party is out to lunch on all of this stuff. We need to get involved in a mini revolution: within the GOP. What say we all dawn Native American garb, and throw overboard all RINO's, starting with Michael Steele.

Then, once the RINO's are gone, we populate the party with hard core believers in the Constitution, Mom's apple pie and Chevrolet! Hmmm. Scratch Chevy, insert Ford.

Sparky said...

Excellent comments y'all!

What I'm praying for is peaceful resistance. You know, like Ghandi's tactic. It does work. We just won't obey the fascist laws. Period.