Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Avatar" Just Another Anti-American Movie


Another 'save your money and buy a DVD' moment. Apparently, the new Avatar movie is not worth blowing one's hard earned American money on.
(Avatar is) over-hyped (un)believable tripe that spews political messages that 70% of America doesn't believe in.


... Debbie Schlussel, (hattip Saberpoint), thinks that "Avatar" stinks to high heaven. Long, boring, unoriginal. And oh-yah uber-left too.


Smurf-like natives made to look like overgrown American Indians, complete with warpaint, mohawks, and long ponytails (that have computer-like USB cable tendrils in them, which can communicate with nature–ludicrous). Does that sound like earth-shattering stuff to you? They looked like Jar Jar Binks with arrowheads.

So, my advice is don't waste your money or your brain on more Hollywood sewage. Stay home and watch a nice old movie or a REAL nature show. You'll be richer in spirit and in the pocket. $$

Source: Skip Avatar This Weekend, Stay Home And Watch Seven Brides For Seven Brothers by Left Coast Rebel

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Carey's Corner said...

I saw the trailer, pure garbage with a leftie message. Hollywood takes the low road as usual.