Monday, November 9, 2009

The State's Nuclear Option

In light of this weekend's health care vote, this article is definitely worth a read .... nullification may be the key to restoring our republic ...

States Have A Nuclear Option Too

If this passes into law, the number of freeloaders will soon outnumber those who pay taxes--those who have a work ethic and pay taxes are going to get very disillusioned as more and more of their paycheck goes to taxes. Incentive for productivity and ingenuity will be gone. People will lose their work ethic because they will be tired of carrying the load--I believe in helping others but the government doesn't need to take my hard earned money and give it to people (three and four generations deep) who work the system. Fraud, laziness, and excuses need to be eliminated and that means cleaning Congress' clock next elections.

And can we impeach that sorry Indonesian Candidate yet????!!!

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Carey's Corner said...

More truth than we realize in that one cartoon. It's hard to fathom that the arrogant and demented minds that are building this maze are calling the shots. I refuse to use the term leading this country.