Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Second Childhood

In my early teens, I had brace apparatus on the teeth. Now, in my early 50's, my teeth had become so crooked that they were affecting my ability to chew. So, I decided it was time to get them fixed again.

Just call me tinsel mouth!
Christmas 1971

So I went in this morning and we started the procedure of straightening the teeth. Doc said we're starting on the top ones first. They have to be pushed out, then he can install the braces on the bottom ones.

I had forgotten how much is involved with getting braces.

First, the technician took two x-rays of my jaw. Then, I had to endure the ice cold gooey impressions that have to be made. [yuck!] Then, the technician makes a wax impression of the teeth while closed.

I must have looked like a dog with it's tongue hanging out for that one!

Then I'm moved over into another torture chamber room where that little technician can hurt prepare me for the Orthodontist. My mouth was spread open with some strange apparatus like we were filming the movie "Brazil".

Then the teeth had to be scrubbed, waxed, prepared with smelly adhesive, blow dried ... you name it. It was like having my nails polished (only this didn't feel as good).

" ... and when you smile for the camera ..."

Let me tell ya, it was arduous for this middle-aged lady! My jaw and head hurt after all the pushing and pulling. I'm gonna need several Margarita's to get over this. And I still have to have the bottom teeth braced in a few months.

Gosh, it's gonna be a long two years.

And on a side note, a prayer request please ....


Our little niece gave us a scare yesterday. She was taking a nap after school and her mom glanced over at the couch to check on her. She was rigid, eyes rolled back in her head, vomit foaming from her mouth and generally unresponsive. Her older brother (who happens to be training to be a nurse) checked her vitals, then called 9-1-1. After several tests the emergency room doctor said she had a virus. I still don't know the name of the virus or if it's an accurate diagnosis. Her Mom took her to their usual pediatrician sometime today. If I learn more, I'll let everyone know.


Wiregrass Steve said...

Wow! What a smile sweetie. Can't believe that at 61 I'm now married to a teenager.

Kat Mortensen said...

Been there. Done that. Bit the ortho assistant.

I hope Amberlee is okay. What a fright you all must have had! I'll say a prayer for her. She's such a darling looking little girl.


Anonymous said...

Brace yourself Sparky, I hope you don't start getting radio signals. I will pray for little Amberlee.

Rosezilla (Tracie Walker) said...

Poor little girl, that must have been scary for all of you. Keep us posted and we will keep praying. As for the braces, you have my deep sympathy and one word of advice - don't eat dill pickles! Oh, my, what a mess they make in braces...I spent way too long in braces and I don't know if I'd have the courage to do it again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sparky, OH - I remember the agony of braces! Hope you feel better soon. I will be praying for your niece as well. What a sweet little girl.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I will be praying for your little niece. Bless her heart. I wore braces as an adult. Fun times.

Marie Reed said...

Thank goodness Amberlee had a trained big brother in the house! How frightening. Please do keep us updated...

Brace face! My lower teeth are crooked after years of braces because I didn't wear my darn retainer afterwards! Ugh! My Mom had her teeth recently braced... well 2 years ago! SHe is soooo happy that she did it! SHe says that she smiles and laughs so much more freely. Soooo.. Bravo Sparky! Sounds like it was a good decision!

Sparky said...

Steve ~ Thanks honey. That's sweet but I'm glad I'm NOT a teenager. I just act like one sometimes. [giggle]

Kat ~ I thought cats scratch? :o)

Carey ~ That is so funny, because I almost called this post "Brace Yourself". Great minds DO think alike. No radio signals ... yet. Wonder if I could hook them up to my XM radio? ha ha

Rosezilla ~ I didn't think about eating pickles! Holy cow, and I love my kosher dills too. Aw well.

Mildred ~ Thanks. They do hurt a bit still but just from all the manhandling at the Ortho.

Nana ~ I can't believe how many folks have had braces, especially as adults! Makes me feel a bit better.

Marie ~ I think that's why mine moved so badly is I wasn't vigilant with wearing the retainer. I hated that worse than the braces. THIS TIME I will wear one though! Thanks gal.


About Amberlee - The phone call we rec'd from her mother last night is this in a nut shell: Amberlee has a type of parvo virus (specifically "Hoof & Mouth"!) that is triggering an adverse neurological reaction. Doc said she had to be exposed to a cat (they have no pets) probably at school.
Y'all, please keep praying for this little angel if you would be so kind. We are all very concerned BUT it could be just our love for her speaking and not any life threatening danger. I don't know.
This is all we have to-date. Amberlee and mother are at the Neurologist all afternoon today (Friday).
Thank you so very much. Y'all are the best!! ((Hugs))

MuseSwings said...

What a sweet little child! I will certainly pray for her. Thank God for big brother!
Look at you in your shiny new braces! I know those hurt!Had my teeth sraightened out a bit when I wuz yer age too.

Margo said...

I will pray for your niece... I hope she is doing better today. Good for you getting the braces. They do hurt! Motrin and milkshakes is my best advice from two previously tortured daughters... oh, and that wax stuff.

D.K.Fisher said...

Hey there Sparky...I am so sorry to hear this about your niece. I am sure she will be better soon and I will be praying for her and your family.