Friday, April 10, 2009

Wiregrass Musings

The weather and temperatures are so pleasant that we went for our daily two mile stroll this morning. I call it a stroll, because at our age anything over 2 miles per hour is brisk.

Mill Creek Road

Can you believe the locals actually trash this beautiful scene? Yep. So, when I walk, I also carry a garbage bag and the proper tools for picking up trash. It's so pretty here that I want to keep it that way. Just my way of saving the world, one beer can at a time (and these are not mine). [giggle]

Ssssave Our Sssssnakessss

Met with Mr. Greensnake for a moment. He was laying in the road sunning himself. Lazy thing. "Get a job, you bum!" He didn't want to help, so, husband shoo-ed him off the road. At least he wouldn't get run over. We saw a brillant reddish colored young rat snake about 3 feet long yesterday. Hubby helped him off the road too before some local toothless yocal can brag "Yep, I kilt a rattle snake 10 feet long ..."

"See a penny, pick it up.
All the day you'll have good luck."

It's about time I got paid for picking everyone else's trash! :o)

"A penny saved, is a penny taxed."

Who said that?

Anyway, it makes me wonder how many folks will be attending "Tea Party's" this April 15th? There's one in Atlanta, GA, I know that. We will watch Fox News all day and hope that others can make the events across country. Hey, I can't save the world on my own you people! Ya gotta meet me halfway here. [lol]

"I'd rather stay in my shell, thank you."

With all the rain, a box turtle decided to get up and move around. I love meeting up with all these creatures on our walks. Country living is so much fun!

Happy Passover and Happy Easter. Have a great weekend y'all. God bless.


Beth Niquette said...

What a wonderful blog you have here. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I love your photography. Beautiful!

Mildred said...

I love these cool Spring days to leisurely walk and enjoy nature's surprises. Hope you both have a happy and blessed Easter.

JBA said...

It's me again, way too much coffee and probably shouldn't have had those jelly beans. Snakes make me cringe! You just run into them in your wanderings? How are you still sane? There was a big snake curled up on one of our rocks last year. I thought I was going to have to move. I so totally have the willies!

Janeen said...

Your my Pioneer Woman Hero! Have a blessed weekend my friend!

steviewren said...

I'd love to have a daily walk like that except your hubby would have to tag along to rid the road of slithery things. I could move Mr Turtle myself.

thehorizontalyoyo said...

Love the turtle :)

Marie Reed said...

This is why I need to move back to the South! I need more critters in my life!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

It's fun having so many critters around us!
God bless.

Lanny said...

That was a fun and entertaining walk! I hope we go again soon! You're not afraid of snakes are you Sparky? Mill Creek Road looks very inviting and warm! I see pine but what are the big broad leaf (I can't spell the fancy term) trees along the roadside?

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hi Lanny ~ Glad you could make it! Nope, not scart of dem snakes. [lol] You're probably looking at the Black Cherry on the right hand side of the photo. We also have Red Bay Trees and Turkey Oak in these woods. After all this rain, everything (that didn't die from drought stress) if turning a lovely green. I wish y'all could see it. Have a great Sunday! :o)