Monday, March 9, 2009

Orient Express Bloggyland Adventure

Welcome Aboard!
It’s time for the Orient Express Bloggyland Adventure hosted by Muse-Swings.

I'm all packed and ready for the transport.

I hope I brought enough clothing?

My good friend Hercule Poirot dropped by as I was packing my bags.

I asked him to travel along since I was carrying all my jewels and most particularly the ...
... Emerald Cross Pendant rumored to have been carried by St. Patrick himself when he was eradicating the snakes in my homeland of Ireland. It's a very, very precious piece of jewelry.

My travel outfit is this lovely little number by Christian Dior.
"Oh, this old thing?
Why this is what I wear to vacuum, dawlink."

And for those formal evenings aboard the train, I thought my 'Cygne Noir' (Black Swan) 1949 evening dress by Christian Dior would be just the ticket. It's made of silk satin and velvet. Oh la la. My good friend the Baroness Antoinette de Ginsbourg also has one but I specifically asked her not to wear hers this time.

So ring the bell for the Wagon Lits. We’re traveling into history. On June 5, 1883 the first 'Express d'Orient' left Paris for Vienna. Vienna remained the terminus until October 4, 1883. The train was officially renamed Orient Express in 1891. Source

Different Routes Available

So, join us in the dining room for tea and crumpets or a first class meal. The food is wonderful here. I’m there and waiting on y’all. Hope to see you there!

♥ ∞


MuseSwings said...

Thought I'd stop and pick you up on my way to the station! There's just enough room for your luggage in the limo. I love the gown! You'll look smashing dahlink! Hang on to that very beautiful... and how expensive did you say it is...necklace! Quit waving at your neighbors... we've got to get to the station!

Janeen said...

Dahling! Your traveling gown is gorgeous, it makes your waist look sooooo tiny, how do you do it? I'm looking for my sister Melody, have you seen her? I left her a note to meet us for dinner. Perhaps Marie can translate another one in French for her.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I can't help it Li'l Cindi. We all wave around here. "Bye y'all! See ya tomorrow. I'm headed for France!" [waving to neighbors]

I don't know where your sister is ChaCha dawlink. Maybe she and one of the other guests are cooking something up? Maybe we'd better go look for her ... ♥ ∞

Linda said...

Dahlings...I will be joining you all shortly. Blessings

Marie Reed said...

Hercule.... Oh you handsome devil.. I'm your biggest fan... Come sip and savour a bit of champagne with me!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hey Marie, I'm watching you ... don't go distracting Hercule with those big beautiful eyes and flipping your hair at him. He's guarding my Emerald. Behave! [giggle]

Hope to see you soon Linda! Can't wait to see what you've packed for the trip. :o) ♥ ∞

Tea Time With Melody said...

Sparky, we must have gone shopping at the same stores. We better not be wearing the same fashions, what a faux paus.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Oh sorry Melody! I'm not very good with fashion and just had Mr. Dior dress me. I'm so hopeless ... ha ha ♥ ∞

Poetikat said...

You do look divine in Dior, Sparky! I certainly hope that the carriage will carry all of our luggage. What do you have in there anyway, the kitchen sink?

That emerald cross pendant looks familiar. Hmmm.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

With all of us wearing our best and jewels, it was very wise of you to hire Mr. Poirot! But it seems there's already been a murder, so he may be recruited. According to Mr. Ian Fleming with whom I've been dining, he will keep us up to date. We are all suspect!

Janeen said...

Dahling, a little birdie just told me that Muses' passport is a forgery! I think our hostess is up to the mostest with trickery.

I found my sister, she was in the pullcar looking all dreamy eyed at the well dressed gentleman smoking the cigar.

(Marie, keep purrrring'~ I've nearly got my finger on it!)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Our Moosey Musey up to no good?? NOOO!! Say it ain't so!?
I'm glad you found Melody. She's over there looking dreamy eyes at Bond, James Bond. [lol]
What's this I hear about a murder? Murder Most Foul? Better go check this out ... I can't leave y'all alone for one minute and there's a knifing like a wedding in Brantley Co, GA! There must be a little bit of Redneck in us all ... ♥ ∞

L. Rochelle said...

Black Swan gown..I think I wore it at my coming out party.
Hercule has an guard me and The Egg..shhh...!!!

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Sparky, Since I first saw it this mornig, I cannot get my mind off your beautiful cross. If it's missing, it wasn't me. I'm admiring from afar!

But it seems we'll have to borrow Mssr. Poroit who is investigating the murder. Ian Fleming promises to safegard us and our compartments in the meantime.

Janeen has invited all for tea later this afternoon. Perhaps we can talk about our part in all of this. Femme fatalles?

Debby said...

OOoooooh. I do so love emeralds. They are my birthstone don't you know.

steviewren said...

Sparkly darling! You look positively brilliant! So glad to see that necklace...can I try it on.....???

Lavinia said...

Hi Sparks. So clever of you *not* to show us your concealed weapons. And how long exactly did it take you to wrap candy wrappers around each of your bullets? Bwa ha ha!!!!

Linda said...

OH DEAR!!! My apologies,"M" just informed me that you were being held captive in your room. Bound and gagged, you were!!

Psst..I have since updated my blog. Please go look. SPARKY the SPARK IS INNOCENT!! (not sure about the murder part, but of the jewel thief part she is, lol.)

BTW, Marie is making fun of our language skills..we just can not help ourselves, can we, dear friend? We are southern women, after all. (lol)---I think there are plenty of impostors on board! LOLOL

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Careful, I see Debby eyeing my emeralds ... they're my birth stone too!

Yeah, I WAS FRAMED! I was bounded and gagged so I just took a nap. Thanks Linda for clearing me.

What's this now about a dead body?? ♥ ∞

Janeen said...

Dahling, I was locked in my room and couldn't call out! What happened? Oh my stars! Meet me in the dining car, drinks for everyone, I'm buying!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Ok ... I was just about to call it a night. I'm tared (tired for those of you not from the south) but I'll drop by for a quick one. :o) It was fun today! ♥ ∞

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Sparky, my bed is beckoning, but before I turn in, I wanted to thank you for making our adventure on the Orient Express a very special one! Although I'm worried the murderer may still be on the loose. I've expressed my concern to Muse. Am sure Mssr. Poirot will be working through the night and will have solved the case. James Bond should be split how many ways, and Ian is mine! ;)
Have a wonderful night, but keep the lights on! :))

My word, the v-word says hipudgee! *laughing* True I've been stuffing myself, but I sure did get my share of exercising seeing the sights!